The link below is to YouTube and you can watch the interview Adonis Lenzy did for his podcast when he introduced me as a new author as he holds up my new book The Missing Link.     

Ruth D wrote:

The Missing Link is a “must read” for anyone interested in becoming a better man/woman as we face the challenges of life & interpersonal relationships. David uses his own life experiences as examples of how to (and how not to) handle the stress & difficulties that life brings.

In this book, David shares many intimate details about his own life & how those experiences have gradually helped him see that there was something missing in how he was seeing his role as husband & father in his family, & that it was also missing in other families he observed.

Take the challenges David offers at the end of each chapter to become the person God intended you to be. Journey with him as you read his book & discover what the missing link may be in your life as well. 

Pam S wrote:

This was amazing: open, honest, and heartwarming. 

Brian C wrote:

I was going to wait to share this Book "The Missing Link" until I have completed it. But I recognize now how crucial timing is with everything. A good friend of mine is the Author and I must say that so far it is one of the best reads on Personal Family Development that I have studied and absorbed. So many reminders that will help make our lives more purposeful. For other people too, not just ourselves.

This book is for EVERYONE, not just Men! Women need to understand what men struggle with and their mentality. Children need to understand the struggles and battles that their fathers deal with every day so they understand the role they can also fulfil to help develop a strong foundation for their family.

Our Society has failed for way too long and now we are experiencing the circumstances from our lack of investment in ourselves and in our families. Even the best are failing miserably.

All I can say is "WOW!" David Lee you have compiled a lot of valuable information into one easy read! People need to read this and implement NOW.