David Lee is a life coach, entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor and now author. The Missing Link is his personal story and the life lessons he shares will both challenge you but also inspire you to become the man/woman God has intended you to become. David has spent the past ten years studying leadership development and personal development. His passion is helping people develop spiritually, financially, and relationally. Reading this book, you will laugh, cry, and learn that inner healing is necessary for complete freedom.


The Missing Link

December 2020

Soft cover book is Available Now.

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I was lucky enough to meet David in person and get a powerful blast of his wisdom directly into my heart, which has transformed my life.

After reading The Missing Link, I was able to seize how deep this man is, not only in terms of his knowledge but the arsenal of life tools he is offering and of course his invaluable life experiences.

I am excited for everyone who is about to read this book and find out how it is going to transform their life. Congratulations to the world on getting a masterpiece and a one-of-a-kind transformational life guide in one book.

– Maksym Derecha

Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

Poltava, Ukraine


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